I wanna be a Dr.

On the heels of just paying off Tracey’s college loan this past month, I was greeted with a new shocking reality last week, when one of the girls said, “I wanna be a doctor when I grow up.” As a parent, you always want your children to become something special. To do something special. To […]

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First year of Preschool. Check.

I know they say it goes by fast. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something. But I was thinking to myself that the girls are finishing their first year of Preschool today. Are you freaking kidding me? How did this happen? Who let this happen? My babies cannot grow up this fast. I’m thinking there has […]

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Oh the attitude

  Porter-who wants to see me do a super flip? Who wants to see me do a super flip? Who wants to see me do a… E-NOBODY wants to see that. To say that my girls have strong personalities would be an understatement. They tend to take over most situations they’re in, but at the […]

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Mind your manners.

H-get my toy? Me-ask nicely. H-Get… Me-ASK! H-no I was singin a song called ‘Get’. Me-oh really? H-yeah…i just made it up. When I was growing up, my mom always made it a point to have my brother and I follow our manners. Please. Thank you. Opening the door for a lady. Don’t get up […]

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Picking a favorite.

Two days after the girls’ birthday is my dad’s birthday. Exactly two weeks after his birthday is mine. They’re all so close it would be impossible to forget one of them right? Wrong. I forgot to call my dad on his birthday this year, even though I’d seen him the day before for Easter. This […]

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Chasing the pot of gold

Ok, there are certain things that I have no problem with “misleading” my children with in order to keep the excitement and youthfulness of the event, like Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc., but this one presents a little different question for me. One night we were watching Dora and she was chasing […]

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Playing Dress-Up

When we found out we were having girls, all delusions of playing GI Joes and rough housing with little boys went out the window. Those thoughts were replaced by Barbies, tea parties, dolls and playing dress-up. Now, I’m in no way saying that girls aren’t fully capable of doing the same thing boys are. I’ve […]

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