E-We’re going to New York for business. H-Yeah, we have a meeting. Me-Oh yeah? Can I come? E-Sowwy dad, we didn’t get you a ticket. Me-Oh…ok…have fun. H-It’s not for fun, it’s for business.    Every parent wants their child to grow up and be a leader, not a follower. To travel the world, have […]

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The Girls Who Cried “Sick.”

H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-3 hours.   H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-2 hours and 45 minutes.   H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-2 hours and 40 minutes.   H-When’s Elle coming home? I miss her. Me-I couldn’t tell. For the second time in two weeks, the girls have managed to make me eat my words. Words […]

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I wanna be a Dr.

On the heels of just paying off Tracey’s college loan this past month, I was greeted with a new shocking reality last week, when one of the girls said, “I wanna be a doctor when I grow up.” As a parent, you always want your children to become something special. To do something special. To […]

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