Having “A Moment”

  H-I had a moment today. Me-Oh you did. What happened? H-Yeah, just got really upset at Elle and needed to cry. Me-Did you get it out of your system? H-Yeah, as long as Elle behaves herself. E-Oh geez.    Since the girls are two completely different emotional beings and handle things completely different in […]

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Well S-h-!-t!

E – …and you said the S-word. Me – What? No I didn’t say the S-word. E – Yes you did. You said it. Me – When? E – You said that was Stupid. Me – Ohhhhh that S-word. Yeah…sorry I said that. E – You should be sorry daddy. Every parent wants their kid […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Me-Are you playing ‘Slap Jacks’ against yourself? H-Yeah, Elle won’t play with me. Me-Ah…so are you winning? H-Yeah I’m crushing this game I knew it was coming. I’ve seen signs of it building for the last couple of years. There have been hints here and there along the way that have led me to believe […]

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A visit from the tooth fairy

H- Daddy! I lost my tooth! Me – Oh my goodness baby! That’s great! H – Yeah, I just wiggled it and it came out. It didn’t hurt or nothin!   I feel like more times that not, this blog has become a platform for me to admit my greatest fears and parenting concerns/shortcomings. This […]

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Beyond Cute

Oh you know…just getting dressed up   Me-Where are you two going dressed like that? E-We’re going to a party. H-Yeah so we had to get dressed up. Me-I can see that. Is it a costume party. E-No, just a cool party. H-Well, we gotta go. Bye Dad. Me-It was nice talking with ya.   […]

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